We began in 1983 from humble beginnings.
Concept Amenities is a proud family-owned business with a huge professional and innovative heart beat committed to providing quality sustainable guest amenities to the hotel and hospitality industry.

Since opening our doors in 1983, we have grown the business with a global mindset. We started out as Concept Marketing which involved the purchasing and selling of liquidated and closeout stocks. We shifted the company focus to providing promotional products, offering logo’d items such as pens, calendars, and calculators.

In the early 1980’s, we were approached by a client who asked if we could manufacture and supply miniature soaps and shampoos. We took on the challenge; in the beginning there was no blueprint to follow. In true entrepreneurial spirit, we listened carefully to our client and worked hard to transform their vision into a reality. We were pioneering a new concept in the Australian hospitality industry and saw an opportunity to lead its evolution.

Today, Concept Amenities is honored to have long term client relationships with leading hospitality brands across the globe, with many relationships spanning several decades.

We are Australian.
Australia is our home and it is fundamental in shaping our unique culture. It provides a stunning backdrop that motivates different thinking and inspires a refreshing can-do attitude.


We act globally.
Concept Amenities operates worldwide, with a talented team in Melbourne, Las Vegas, London, Singapore, and Yangzhou. We are present in over 20 countries through our strong distribution network. We don’t see boundaries and have thrived to meet the demands of a global marketplace.

We think without limitations.
We are paradigm creators who thrive on pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We celebrate imagination and we pride ourselves on being curious and thinking differently. Our bold, challenging mindset is always framed by commercial astuteness, environmental sensitivity and the underlying drive to delight our customers – but we do live an urgency in everything we do.

We care about people and the planet.
At the heart of everything we do is a fundamental respect for the planet and its communities. We acknowledge the impact that our products have on the environment and we work tirelessly to ensure this impact in minimized. We look to make a real difference in people’s lives. We support many causes and are the founding sponsors of Soap Aid, a charity dedicated to preventing deaths from hygiene related illnesses. We will not stop until we leave this world better than when we came into it.

…and we create innovative guest bath amenities..